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New CD is Now Available!

Our new CD is now available for you listening pleasure.  It was released on March 1st, 2016.  We worked very hard and had many hours of listening parties to bring the choicest cuts  to you.  You can get them at many outlets digitally:


Living Life on AmazonLiving Life on Amazon

 Or get your mits on an actual disc below:


CD Baby bannerCD Baby banner

Rockin Your favorites artists:

Queen ◊ The Wallflowers ◊ Steve Miller ◊ Elvis ◊ Black Crowes ◊ The Decembrists ◊ Eric Clapton ◊ Pink Floyd ◊ The Allman Brothers ◊ STP ◊ Incubus ◊ Bon Jovi ◊ The Gin Blossoms ◊ Fuel ◊ Talking Heads ◊ Tom Petty ◊ The Hollies ◊ The Rolling Stones ◊ The Eagles ◊ Bob Marley K.C. Douglas ◊ Popa Chubby ◊ Semi Sonic ◊ Kid Rock ◊ Lynyrd Skynyrd U2 ◊ The Police ◊ John Cougar ◊ Weezer ◊ Warren Zevon ◊ ZZ Top ◊ Jason Miraz ◊ Matchbox 20 ◊ Go Go Dolls ◊ Kings of Leon ◊ Grand Funk ◊ The Temptations ◊ Billie Joel + Many More.....

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